Are you looking for a safe and easy way to learn to say no when needed?

“Can you do this job for me?”

“Can you lend me your beach house for this weekend?” 

“Will you think about organizing Giorgio’s birthday party?”

Every day you have to deal with requests of all kinds, in the family, at work, from friends and relatives. For many of us (…. unfortunately not for everyone! :-() helping others is a great satisfaction and makes us feel better.

The important thing, however, is to know how to defend oneself from those who want to take advantage of it.

Above all, it is important that you always keep the time to devote to your pleasures and needs. If you don’t do this, sooner or later you will get frustrated.

We all know that if we said “no” at the right time, we would be better off.

A little word, “NO”, would solve many of life’s problems. Yet, we often find it difficult to pronounce it in another person’s face!

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Why is it difficult to say no?

Before anything else, you need to understand why it’s hard for you to say no. If you understand the causes of your difficulty it is easier for you to work to remove them and to have the right mental attitude.

We all need others: we are animals that live in packs. We owe everything we are today and have learned over time to someone else.

Throughout our life we ​​are constantly immersed in a continuous relationship with our fellow men. First our parents and other members of the family of origin, then the schoolmates, then again the friends and first loves, then the work colleagues and the family that we have built, up to the entire social system in which we live.

Through the relationship with others we form our personality, our scale of values ​​and our habits.

learn to say noWe are like drops of the ocean: if we are together we are an impetuous and alive ocean; if we are alone on the rock we dry ourselves in the sun.

Precisely because of this vital necessity of the relationship with others, saying no can create difficulties for you. And if you tend to have a passive character, things get even more complicated.

Here are the BASIC CAUSES of the difficulty in saying no to others:

A. the human instinct to help those most in need;

B. the healthy intention not to disappoint others when they expect something from you;

C. the fear of compromising your relationship with the other, of making him angry or offending him;

D. the fear of appearing rude or rude and, consequently, of making a bad impression;

E. the fear of triggering conflicts and discussions because the applicant could insist beyond measure;

F. the fear of missing an opportunity that may not present itself again.

Reflect and take note of the causes of the difficulty in saying no that concern you the most, the ones where you see yourself again.

Try to answer the question: “Among those listed above, what are the main causes of your difficulty in saying no?”

Saying no is perfectly acceptable. It is not PURE selfishness, but it is HEALTHY selfishness. Essential for your happiness and success!

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If you learn to explain your reasons clearly and directly and if the other person is honest with you, they will surely understand your rejection. If you don’t understand, there are two possible reasons:

1. you did not express yourself in the best way,

2. the other is not honest with you because he expects you or does not understand you or, even worse, does not respect you (what do you think of a person like that?).

Saying no is fine, it’s part of the normal course of life. Don’t worry about saying no, but make sure you do it in a fair and respectful way.

What to do to learn to say no without feeling guilty?

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“What to do when

Do you want to say no

Without Feeling You


In this mentalbook you will find techniques and tricks that allow you to learn to say no to those who deserve it, at the right time and in the right way, gaining time for you and enjoying a more peaceful and satisfying life.   

No fear! We will help you learn to say no, when appropriate, with grace and authority. Because “good fences make good neighbors .

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Fabiola Sacramati & Paolo Sciamanna


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